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Some Kind Words from Our Clients

I don't know where to can we express our gratitude for this remarkable gift you have given us? The video is absolutely gorgeous. You have captured every detail, every emotion with such care and love...the flowers, the music, our families and the intense sense of pure happiness that colored every aspect of this day. It is all there for us, to keep forever - this remarkable time capsule whose colors will never fade. The beauty of your work is rivaled only by your generosity of spirit. From the first time we spoke, you have been nothing less than gracious and wonderful, attentive to every request with a patience that never wavered. We are forever grateful for your talent and rare it is to meet someone who takes so much pride in what he does and derives such joy from making others so happy.

Thank you Jason for stopping time and bottling every beautiful memory. With love, gratitude and much admiration,

Jennifer and Ryan
Bride & Groom

Craig and I drove home in thrill and awe at the gift that you have given to us. You have captured the most important day in our lives in the most beautiful, most loving, most artistic, and most thrilling way. There are NO WORDS to thank you for what you have done for us. Your talent, kindness, love, and true friendship means the world to us.

THE VIDEO IS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! It is BEYOND anything we could have ever expected. It is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE! We are totally both over the moon with what you did. It is perfectly perfect.

We will never know how to thank you for this. You are a true friend. We are so grateful to you.

You are so talented. It's honestly the best movie video I have ever seen. You have no idea how talented you are!

I could go on and on, but I better go to sleep...I'll speak to you tomorrow...

Thank you for memorializing the best day of our lives in the most perfect and beautiful and artistic and loving way.

You are just the best. We could not love the video one iota more because it is perfectly perfect.

Jean & Craig
Bride & Groom

Dear Jason...I can never thank you enough for this glorious video of Jean and Craig's wedding. you are so talented and have such heart...a winning combo!

It looks beautiful — your ability to capture such beauty is amazing using great light and color. And the way you filmed Jean by the river...I could go on and on. Its a document for our family to treasure forever.

There are no words to tell you how touched we all are.

Mother of the Bride

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for everything you've done, you were nothing short of amazing. From the wonderful communication to the amazingly fast turn around.

I took the video home last night and showed my parents...I can not express to you how much they loved the video. Everyone that has seen it just glows when they watch it. I have watched it over and over again just watching the beautiful story that it told.

The wedding went by so fast and it's so great to have something to look at that shows all the beauty of our special day. Every time I see the video I want to cry not because it's sad but because it helps me remember what an amazing day it was.

You truly have a talent, you are amazing at what you do. You caught all the wonderful moments and made them even more magical in the video. You were one of the only parts of the planning I truly enjoyed working with because all I had to do is tell you what I like and you made it happen. Never once did I ever worry about how the video would come out...I KNEW you would make it amazing.

Again thank you for everything. We look forward to keeping in touch with you. We feel like we've gained a friend rather than just a wonderful video.

Lindsey & Kurt
Bride & Groom

Hi Jason! Dave and I want to thank you for having us over the other night, we really enjoyed ourselves. You are such wonderful and kind people.

As for the film, I cannot express how happy I am with it! We were able to watch the entire film when we got home and it was better than I ever could have imagined. You incorporated all of the little touches that I love so much like the black and white, slow motion, and still shots. It truly is a work of art. I am so happy that I have our day captured like this, it is not only our day on tape, but it conveys the emotions and feelings that were part of that day. I really like the transition pieces and how portions of the day are captured in that format rather than just straight taping them. Basically these are all of the reasons why I wanted you to be the one there on our wedding day, but it is so amazing to see my own wedding captured like this. I cannot wait to show family and friends and especially our children one day.

It is so true that the day goes by so fast and you miss so much, and I am so happy to have this to watch and look back on. I know that as time goes on my memory of the day will probably fade, and the fact that I have this to watch and bring back all those special moments is beyond words, so thank you for all of your very hard work that you have put into making this for us.


I want to thank you so very much for providing such a beautiful video of Elizabeth and Dwight's wedding day. I was really astounded when I first watched it!I had mixed emotions when I first heard Elizabeth was thinking we should have a videographer but so very glad she decided to have you provide the video. It is such a lovely memory of the day.If there were a category called "Best Wedding Video's" at the Academy Awards each year, I am certain this one would be a contender and ultimately the winner.

You captured the feelings and mood of the day.I particularly enjoyed "The Stella and Rob" chapter as he tried valiantly to corral Stella and bring her into the lobby for wedding photos.Just brilliant. I also delighted in the reprise at the end with the background music "After the Loving" carried on as the theme music.And the moment Elizabeth's Father twirled her around and the morphing of father to groom. I loved it.I wish I had written this note immediately after watching it the first time because the gushing would have been even better than today.

I LOVE IT. Thank you, thank you.

Mother of the Bride

Newton, Massachusetts                                                                                                                           617.461.6809

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